First invited to resource and refresh clergy couples in the late 20th century, Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie have emerged as leading voices in the crusade for clergy health and wellness.

Two of their recent titles highlight this breadth of experience, drawing from countless experiences of local and cross-cultural interaction with clergy couples and families around the world.

"When Bad Churches Happen to Good Pastors" explains why pastors leave the ministry -- and how congregations, denominatlonal leaders, and pastors themselves can better understand (and pro-actively prevent) clergy attrition. Recently the global focus on a transmissible virus has accelerated clergy retirements, with the outcome that many churches have difficulty finding someone to serve. "When Bad Churches" argues passionately for preserving and resourcing existing pastors, toward the goal of healthy longevity in service.

"Managing Stress in Ministry" examines pro-active practices of health clergy persons and their families. The book also examines both positive stress and negative stress, with a focus on better understanding five key stressors that are unique to persons who serve in ministry. Special attention is given to the inherent difficult of females serving in congregational leadership.


To date, Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie have authored or co-authored 42 books, which have been translated into nine world languages. Many of their titles are available at major online retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Their recent titles can often be found in physical bookstores, such as Mardel Book & Gift, 

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and many others.