Dr. David & Lisa Frisbie

Popular family counselors and authors Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie have been speaking at conferences, retreats and seminars since the late 20th century. To date their travels to teach and train have taken them to 48 world nations,  in addition to all 50 of these United States and much of Canada.

Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie are the authors or co-authors of 42 published books, none self-published, on topics of marriage and family life, parenting, divorce recovery, single parenting, blending a family and more. In addition to these books they are the authors or co-authors of more than 200 articles in magazines and journals, including "ParentLife," "Holiness Today," "Outreach Magazine," "Baby Life," "Rev," "Refreshed" and more. They have served as monthly columnists for both "ParentLife" and "Refreshed" magazines.

The Frisbies have been named and quoted in numerous newspapers, including "USA Today" and others. They have been interviewed on national television and radio programs including "HomeWord" with Jim Burns, "MoneyLife" with Chuck Bentley, and "Focus on the Family." They have been featured on CBS radio and on ABC television.

Like the authors themselves, their books are humorous, self-effacing, practical and down-to-earth. Within a few minutes of meeting these two, you may feel as if you're already "old friends." Crossing barriers of language and culture (plus multiple time zones) Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie are constantly in motion, teaching and training.

Dr. David Frisbie holds adjunct professor status at three universities, teaching classes in family studies, gerontology, counseling, psychology, and social sciences.

Author appearances & book signings

Across the past two decades, these two authors have been featured at dozens of author appearances and book signings, hosted by brick-and-mortar retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Mardel Book & Gift, and many more.

For many years they have been featured by Northwestern Bookstore/Lifeway Stores for holiday tours.

In addition, larger churches sometimes host these authors in the context of a church bookstore, or as part of a featured event with the authors focused on marriage renewal, divorce recovery, blending a family, or more.

If you're hosting an event, or if you are a bookstore manager, it is easy to "book" an appearance.

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to host these authors for an author event or speaking engagement.

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