Since the late 20th century, Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie have been writing curriculum, workshops, seminars and training sessions for married couples, dating and engaged couples, remarried persons and stepfamilies, and others. They have written extensively about divorce recovery, dating after divorce, and blending a family.

In recent years their central focus has grown to include sub-specialties such as clergy marriage and family issues, military marriage and family challenges, and adjusting to life as a single parent. Whether speaking to just-returned service members and their spouses, or laughing with a group of clergy couples at a mountain retreat --- the Frisbie's know how to help audiences, relax, refresh, recharge and get healthy. 

Another sub-specialty has been working with MK's, PK's and TCK's --- children and youth growing up in a culture or language group that does not match their origin. Dr. and Mrs. Frisbie were among the pioneers of "PK Retreats" for teen children of clergy families --- helping these adolescents navigate multiple issues, including identity and privacy while growing up in the proverbial 'glass houses' that parsonages can be.

The Frisbie's have been speakers, counselors, facilitators and leaders at numerous camps, conferences, seminars, webinars and large-scale events. To date their travels have taken them to 48 world nations.


Tired of linear, concrete-sequential data, computerized scoring, and mail-in results that you have to wait for?

This new book (plus a companion volume for counselors) takes a story- and narrative-rich approach to premarital counseling. The focus is on helping couples identify, in advance, the major issues that might sidetrack or disable their relationship within the first few years of married life. For example, experience demonstrates that conflict over managing money, and conflict over how to raise the children, are two significant "flash points" in early marriage.

"A little drama now saves a lot of trauma later" --- is the motto of this book.

For couples, this extremely readable and immediately useful book helps focus on prior experiences in family life and future expectations about what marriage will be. Before or without reading this book, couples may have given little thought to the key challenges that lie ahead. After all, doesn't "love" conquer everything?

Using humor, relatable stories and real-life examples, "Right from the Start" helps couples resolve conflict and develop problem-solving skills BEFORE they say "I do." Conversely, if a couple is not well-matched or is not mature enough to consider a permanent relationship --- those truths may emerge within the context of counseling.

Highly recommended by skilled practitioners and working clergy, this book (and the companion volume for counselors) helps a marriage succeed and thrive, "right from the start."