Shown here is the Brazilian (Portuguese) edition of our recent book, "The Road Back." The abridged volume details some of the places and some of the ways in which we are involved in trafficking rescue and survivor recovery.

Since the early 2000's, we have supported the creation and ongoing operation of a trafficking rescue center at an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe. From "nothing but a dream" to today's staffed and successful rescue center, this mission has been fruitful and fulfilling.

Already the "next steps" are emerging, with the acquisition and construction of transitional housing for survivors, 

as they prepare to re-integrate with social, family and economic systems. Many survivors arrive at the rescue center without formal education, without literacy in their own language or any other, and without even basic knowledge such as is provided in primary education. There are also numerous health and hygiene issues.

Survivors who are processed into the rescue center have access to medical and health care, school and education, training in hygiene, health, literacy, social skills and more. Watching survivors bloom and grow, emerging into mature persons, is among the many rewards of this meaningful mission.


Published in 2020 (Nazarene Compassionate Ministries; Nazarene Missions International; The Foundry) this new release highlights successful programs that target hope, help and healing for rescued survivors. Drawing from on-site reports in South Africa, The Philippines, Western and Eastern Europe and throughout North America, this encouraging and inspiring book explains the scope of trafficking worldwide, while focusing on effective responses.

For a limited time (while supplies last) donors to Healthy Habits may receive a copy of this book for a donation of any size and any amount. The books are being donated by private individuals (while supplies last) and will not reduce the value of any contribution received. Complementary books will be mailed to addresses within the United States, only.